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Child Custody & Support in Park Ridge, Illinois

Make sure the judge’s child support and custody decisions are enforced by hiring Steponate & Wasko, Ltd. in Park Ridge, Illinois. Beyond our traditional family law services, we also cater to clients dealing with post-divorce proceedings when new issues arise.

Child Custody & Visitation

Sometimes a divorce agreement requires amending, and sometimes issues arise that weren’t covered in the original agreement. No matter what the situation, we help you to be fully prepared. This includes hiring experts to give their opinion on which parent your child should live with, both for temporary court hearings and final trials.

Child Support

We also help you prepare for temporary court rulings and the finalization of these judgments for matters of child support. Our team argues for the increase or decrease of support payments based on changes in income of the responsible party, or changes in the needs of the child.

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Contact us in Park Ridge, Illinois, to request an appointment to discuss your child custody or support case with our lawyers.